Press release from the Swedish Green Party 2006-06-12


    - The Swedish Government proposal to have the Swedish National Criminal Forensics Laboratory (SKL) review all film material from the investigation and activities from Estonia can mean a step forward. But only on the condition that three criteria are met, says Lars Ångström, Swedish Green Party, member of the Swedish Parliament.

    1. that all of the photo and film material that was taken between 1994 and 1996 will be reviewed, even those that exist only in the Finnish archives.

    2. that the review will be conducted in a completely transparent manner.

    3. that independent maritime technical experts will take part in the analysis, since the Swedish National Criminal Forensics Laboratory does not hold that competence.

    - We know already from the pictures that have been made public that there have been extensive and concealed activities at the site of the wreckage and on Estonia's car deck. But there are also pictures that show extensive damage on Estonia and these need to come to public attention, says Lars Ångström.

    Another concern of Mr Ångström is that the draft mandate for the Commission of Inquiry, if written by the Swedish Ministry of Defence, will be equally narrow as the mandate for the Hirschfeldt investigation. Hirschfeldt was only allowed to investigate the responsibility of the Swedish military and the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) for the military transports during the month of September in 1993. Noone was ever giving testimony under oath during this investigation. The question concerning what knowledge existed within the Swedish Armed Forces regarding military cargo onboard Estonia when the ship foundered, regardless of whom was responsible, has never been asked.